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Glam Mastermind is a monthly paid membership that includes business and technical education. Join us for weekly live business Q&A. 

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These classes are online in our Facebook Community Group. Our main focus is business but we want you to elevate your business in every way!

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We will be answering your questions in weekly Q&A sessions. These will be 30 min long sessions. We will answer everything from day to day business and daily struggles. 

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Our community is a judge free, troll free zone. Only Positivity, Empowerment and BossBabe vibes allowed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Glam Mastermind includes a month access to our Facebook community, a very detailed hairstyling and/or makeup class, weekly business Q&A live sessions and access to me. 


Yes you do. It is super easy to open an account. Just make sure that you send us the email you used for your account to give you access. 

We may have the ability to do the live Q&As on Instagram but those lives only last 24 hours. we really want you to have the option to watch any day and anytime you’d like. 

Yes it is! There is a $20 discount when you sign up for the 12 month period. 


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